What is Inspiration and where does it come from?

I had to create a new motto at work recently because the previous one I was using, Hemp Equals Hope, found its life purpose else where.

You can read about that exciting story here!

I started from scratch, without any worries, knowing that I can at least draft a catchy phrase! And it was’t long before I found one that was fitting, doable and made sense, “Inspiring Wellness!”. Perfect! Lovely! Fun!

I was happy with this concept. It looked good on the website and new business cards. I truly loved it until I realized I would be responsible for drafting social media content aligned with the new motto! I’m not a guru and I don’t even practice yoga. I touch my toes on a good day. I am not a spring of wisdom and river of enlightenment. I’m having a midlife crisis and I can’t afford to hire a marketing director.

I sat down to create and drew a blank. The only witty thing I could think of was “If you draw a blank, draw a circle!” Unfortunately it was only funny to me because of my obsession with drawing circles. Not good!

Take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath.

Touch your toes.

Put your wings on.

In case you missed the “About Page” my writing is focused on a silly but serious concept I created to make myself feel better! Survival is an Art form. This a paradigm shift for creatives, like myself, who have experienced trauma and as a result quit producing their art. Celebrating and elevating the value of merely surviving means embracing, loving and accepting who you are today.

Aha! Bingo! The little survival tricks I have up my sleeve are actually valuable tools that I could share in social media… but it was also going to require another project on my plate, inspiration research! Well, I got a little side tracked in my research and started reading about how visualizations can retrain the sub-conscious mind but after a week I finally focused and got an answer. So let me sum this up since the sun is up and I need to go have my second cup of coffee with the horses.

Inspiration is a gift that comes from either the great spirit, mother earth, or people who gone before us on the uphill journey of living an authentic and meaningful life. Inspiration is only achieved when a person is seeking and open to receiving gifts. So if you are looking for it, you will find it. That is a fact. Try it.